Our Services 

 Our wide-ranging practical experience and reliable availability of experts in specialist fields allow us to offer a broad spectrum of process optimizations.

Optimization of harvesting technology

  • Review of fundamental technical settings
  • Adjustment of harvester settings to harvesting conditions
  • Calibration and activation of automatic functions
  • Sharing of basic knowledge regarding loss levels and harvested crop quality

Evaluation of telemetry data for internal analysis 

  • Identification of weaknesses in internal operational processes
  • Identification of solutions for eliminating sources of error (e.g. to reduce fuel consumption)


Optimization of logistic chains 

  • In-field logistics
  • Field-to-farm logistics
  • On-farm crop logistics (grain receival and storage)

Investment planning and cost-benefit analyses 

  • Economic analyses of different machine specifications
  • Field-to-farm logistics
  • On-farm crop logistics (grain receival and storage)


Theoretical training and sharing of specialist knowledge 

  • Operator training for end customer staff
  • Sales training for sales staff
  • Development and implementation of specialist events
  • Demonstration driver training for employees of agricultural technology companies

Support and guidance for pre-series machines 

  • Market maturity analyses for products
  • Assessment of equipment features for practical use
  • Identification of weaknesses and possible solutions


Images from our field work