Consultancy services 

A company’s customers are always its best credentials. Operating technologically sophisticated agricultural machinery requires these customers to develop ever greater expertise themselves.

Customer Support 

Specialist technological knowledge is needed if the power built into agricultural machinery is to be fully – and thus profitably – utilized. However, many customers do not have enough of this expertise themselves. The more extensive explanation a product such as a harvester requires, the more important it is that customers receive intensive support when using the machine in the field.


Providing this intensive support to customers is very time-consuming. At the same time, the period of field use of harvesting machinery, for example, is relatively short. Operators must be able to make the most of their machinery’s inbuilt technical power during these limited periods. Manufacturers alone are not able to provide intensive customer support, as they are generally short of specialist staff, and even more so during peak times of the year.

Customer Satisfaction 

As customers receive support and benefit from shared specialist knowledge, they are able to use their machinery profitably. The more customers’ expectations regarding a product are met or even surpassed, the greater their satisfaction becomes. Customer satisfaction in turn minimizes customer churn, fosters customer loyalty and increases sales many times over.


AgriExperts looks after intensive customer support, shares specialist knowledge and is additionally able to provide further theoretical and practical training to internal technical staff so that they become experts in their fields. This improves overall customer satisfaction and helps increase a company’s sales sustainably.