About us 


For AgriExperts Consulting, optimizing performance means optimizing processes  in order to increase outputs such as the harvest throughput capacity. 

Throughout our world, but above all in agriculture, the need for and processing of information is increasing continuously. Agricultural businesses are growing rapidly, and they must meet the challenge of controlling and coordinating all of their operational processes. Not only that, they also need to do this efficiently, that is profitably. 

AgriExperts analyzes and then optimizes these processes. By closely monitoring and supporting individual processes such as harvests, logistics or crop care, we are able to identify and improve weaknesses. This is done through both practical support and theoretical training.



Jens Broer, the managing director of AgriExperts Consulting GmbH, has a degree in agricultural engineering. He also manages an agricultural business with arable farming, piglet rearing and pig fattening. The farm also generates renewable electricity from photovoltaic systems, greenfield and rooftop arrays.


  • 10 years of experience in a leading agricultural technology company, including in senior positions (sales promotion, marketing and international sales)
  • International experience in over 30 countries, and with it intercultural experience and familiarity with different crops, agricultural particularities and harvesting conditions
  • Detailed specialist knowledge of products available on the global agricultural technology market
  • Specific knowledge of technologies and weaknesses of competitor products
  • Degree in agriculture majoring in agricultural engineering

Jens Broer driving the Lexion 770 during the world record attempt in Lincolnshire, UK